Reputation Management

Controlling Your Brand’s Image

There is nothing more important than your company’s reputation. People will usually look for reviews about a business before choosing to use its products or services. If you have a bunch of negative reviews out there, then your business will likely suffer significantly. As a result, reputation management is a field that has experienced a lot of growth over the past several years.

One of the best ways to manage your reputation is reputation management search engine optimization (SEO).

What is reputation management SEO?

It is the process of attacking the Google search engine results to completely control the first page of Google when someone looks up your business.

Suppose that someone finds company ABC at a directory site. Typically they might go to the search engine and type in “ABC” to look up the website or “ABC reviews” to look for company reviews. What happens when one of the first results is a Yelp page for your business showing a one-star rating or a Ripoff Report containing a negative report by a former customer? That will likely be the end of your chance to get this person as a customer.

A practitioner of reputation management SEO can come in and fix this situation for you.  So what happens is the reputation management SEO expert will look for positive reviews or create sites that present a positive experience of your brand. Perhaps they will put up a bunch of video testimonials on Youtube.

What then happens is that all the negative reviews get bumped down from the search engine results as the positive reviews are ranked. Ideally the reputation management SEO specialists will rank enough positive reviews to push all negative information off the first page or at least below the fold on the first page. Then a company can literally control what others see about it in the search engine results. This can give a business a huge advantage over competitors who are not using this strategy.

The good news about reputation management SEO is that it is relatively easy for an expert to implement. There likely will not be anyone competing with you to rank for your company name. You can also choose what sites to put up positive reviews on to help increase the ease of ranking. For example, Youtube videos rank unusually well in Google and represent a great way of getting positive reviews to the top of the search engines.

Reputation management SEO is a great way to control your business reputation to improve your chances of getting new business. Contact us to get started today!