Absolute Mobile Marketing

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Your customers have changed and now your business needs to in order to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

Today consumers use their smartphones not only to make and receive calls and messages, but also to look for local businesses that suit their needs. And it is not just a few minutes of the day that your potential customers are using their smartphones, they take them everywhere. This means you have more opportunity to have consumers see your business any time of the day or night by way of mobile marketing.

How does mobile marketing work?

Step 1 – Put your sights on success

AIM designs and implements a custom mobile website for your business which has “Click to Call” and “Click for Directions” links. These options are easy to use and will put potential clients just one click away from your business.

Step 2 – Traffic will flow

AIM establishes and then manages a campaign on the largest search engine in the world Google and Google Display Network. The aim of this campaign is to drive increased traffic to your website.

Step 3  – Keeping it Local or Nationwide

AIM targets your immediate market to drive local traffic to your site, by using Geo-Targeting to ensure your customer don’t just drive right pasted your business and go to your competitor instead.

Step 4 – Best in class Analytics

AIM monitors your mobile marketing campaign for effectiveness and makes adjustments as needed. Your business will receive a monthly traffic/weekly/daily report with all the stats and figures of your keywords and Ads that are running.

By using AIM’s mobile marketing techniques you can place your business information in the palms of thousands of local potential customers. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, information on the go and at the tip of a potential customers fingertips could mean the difference between success or failure of your business.

Speak with an Absolute Mobile Marketing Specialist, and customize a Mobile Campaign for your business.